About Us

We are pleased to connect the Providers of education with the Learners bring in 1 million hours of FREE training and education.

The quest for knowledge is universal and so is the willingness and ability of the people who want to serve. Here is the place where both come together to make a meaningful difference.

Million Hours FREE Training

We have an amazing team of people very passionate about education. We believe in making education accessible to everyone and remove as many barriers as possible. Everyone who wants to learn gets an opportunity to do so. We connect those who are dedicated and passionate about providing to meet those who need it and create a win-win situation for both providers and learners and overall humanity benefits from the efforts of those who are ready to contribute.

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As a provider of high quality education your are interested in providing the highest and best quality education, to maximum number of students. But as you know it is not easy to reach those who need it.

As a provider this is your opportunity to reach more people and make a positive difference in their lives. Now you need to sign up for the program. Million hours FREE training is a program with several incentives for the participants  to enroll as It is only offered by Institutions who are out to serve and not just focused on monetary gains.

Todays participants are advanced thinkers and  every one would like to join the Institutions who are not just the quality education provider but also work with well being of society and are the difference makers. This is where the programs like Million Hours FREE training begin their work. Learn more about how it exactly works.